Curvy Escorts

Curvy Escorts

Those girls with perfectly dainty and slender bodies always get the phrase in the adult industry for their looks. But what about the curvy escorts? 

Actually, it has been scientifically proven that a girl with a curvier body is going to give you a much more satisfactory experience in the bedroom, than one their slender counterparts. Which there is a very interesting reason for; 

Being a slim girl, a lot of men are going to be attracted to you for your body. Put on some sexy clothes and men will go weak at the knees (and of course, when you have a near perfect body, you can wear anything you desire and look good!). Therefore, there girls do not need to try to get a guy or to get what they want from a guy. Their body basically does the talking for them. 

However, when you are a curvier girl, you have to wear things to specifically suit your body shape. You will also find that in order to get attention, these girls have to be bubbly, confident, fun and ensure they look their best in order for someone to give them the attention they desire. 

Curvy Girls make great escorts with their big tits

Therefore, a slim girl is going to be ten times more likely to be lazy, unbothered, unenthusiastic and very often, unskilled also. Which is why an eager curvier escort is going to be much better for clients to book with! 

If you look around, you will notice the more ‘realistic looking’ curvy girls escorts have much better feedback overall than their fellow, slimmer, escort girls and the points above, are exactly why this is the case. 

You will also find that curvy escorts make better companions overall, because they tend to be happier, bubblier and overall, more confident. A bigger girl has to learn to be confident in her own skin and therefore, curvy escorts are better because they are not shy or scared to get things hot and heavy in the sheets. 

Of course, to be a curvy escort, you have to eat a little more, which is why these curvy girls give better oral than a slim girl – They are so accustomed to sucking meat of chicken bones from K.F.C that they apply those same tac-tics to giving you oral sex. Equating to the aspects of life which make them curvy girls, able to give them the important skills for being an escort. Which is sure to impress clients!