Where to Get UK Expert HGV Training in 2023

There are a myriad of options for HGV training in Britain. We’ll focus on Reed Boardall and Dulson Training as well as Weston College and Skills bootcamps. Each of them offers a range of courses. Which one is best for you? Find out more about each service.

Skills bootcamps

Skills bootcamps are a great way to get an employment opportunity and earn a decent salary. With a high demand for HGV drivers, and with wages that are 45percent higher than levels before the pandemic This is a great opportunity not to miss out on. Skills bootcamps are available in over 60 different locations across the country.

Skills Bootcamps are government funded courses for adults in England aged 19 and over. Participants could be employed, or recently unemployed. These courses are for people as well as companies that want to change careers or move up the ladder. Each course lasts for three hours and is taught by experts in training.

hgv training

As part of a nationwide plan to increase the number of HGV drivers, Weston College is offering training in the role for 5,000 people. The shortage of drivers has caused delays to waste collections and logistical difficulties. Dr Paul Phillips, principal and group chief executive of Weston College, says the college is committed to increasing the number of people who have HGV licences.

Employers, education providers and other stakeholders can form a “Skills Advisory Panel” to improve local skills provision. They are part of a Mayoral Combined Authority or a Local Enterprise Partnership and work together with educational providers and employers to identify the gaps in skills and identify local skills priorities.

Reed Boardall

Reed Boardall the UK’s largest cold storage and distribution company, is tackling a national HGV driver shortage with the launch of a new course for training. The academy was launched last fall. academy has already certified 14 drivers. It also offers instruction for those contemplating a career change.

The new course will allow applicants to obtain a Category C+E licence and pay a competitive salary. It will allow the UK’s transportation industry to grow and draw new HGV drivers.